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Chrislew 1 day ago

Bar-Bill Special

Actually came with my other half to celebrate 51st Anniversary. Service was great food was awesome. Atmosphere was the best. Enjoyed the Beetle music. Had Beef. Pizza and wings. πŸ‘πŸ»

Kimszarowski 5 days ago

Chicken Wings

Waited two years to get in here! Every time we tried to eat here it was too busy to get a table. I seen that they take reservations now, what a great idea! We got a reservation on line right away! It certainly was worth the wait! The best wings and roast beef we had in a very long time! The presentation of the food was just perfect! I liked the way our shared roast beef sandwich was served to us! Usually when you share a sandwich it is just cut in half for you. Not here we each got our own basket with chips and a pickle, such a class act. Our server was very friendly too. For sure we will definitely be back soon! Thank you for a wonderful lunch.

Sammysimpson25 5 days ago

Chicken Wings

Truly delicious. A must-have when visiting Buffalo and for any local an automatic new favorite.

Alyssayebernetsky97 5 days ago

Chicken Wings

THE BEST WINGS! Absolutely amazing. So many great flavors and perfectly crispy. 100% recommend bar bill to anyone who asks for great wings!

Sloanewalton12 6 days ago

Chicken Wings

I ordered 20 of the medium wings all flats, extra crispy, with extra sauce...they were absolutely amazing! Pat Shay and Andy Miller's recommendation did not disappoint. From the bartender's cocktail service to the kitchen staff, I was so pleased with my experience. It's something out of a movie! Barbill will be my first recommendation along the Buffalo wing trail. Cheers!

Bcvay1 6 days ago

Beef on Weck

I am new to the Buffalo area and was told to visit Bar-Bill for the best Beef on Weck in WNY. It was delicious and completely lived up to the hype! I cannot wait time to go back and try the rest of the menu (starting with your wings) ASAP!

Cbugenhagenccb 7 days ago

Chicken Wings

Best in the business! Loved them

Nbriggsw 10 days ago

Beef on Weck

Best Beef On Weck I have had in quite some time. The meat was tender and not an ounce of fat to be found. Nice portions too. Definitely coming back for this sandwich.

Adam 11 days ago

Chicken Wings

Can't get enough of these wings! I love hot wings and Barbill is one place that actually gives you that! It has definitely become my favorite spot for wings!

Jmstacho 21 days ago

Chicken Wings

Bar-Bill has the best chicken wings! Their special sauces (especially Honey Butter BBQ) are AMAZING, we have to order extra so we can have them as cold-leftovers (also delicious). So happy to have such a delicious restaurant nearby, cannot wait to visit the friendly staff after they re-open!

Kp0255 24 days ago

Beef on Weck

The Roast beef is the best and we love the hot and spicy wings too.

Gjubert about 1 month ago

Chicken Wings

I have had plenty of wings in my life, but the wings at Bar-Bill are without question my favorite. The staff is always fantastic and they really do care about your experience. The wings always taste great and they are everything you want in a wing! I hope sooner than later I get to have more Bar-Bill wings again!

Mpetraetis1 about 1 month ago

Beef on Weck

The beef on weck at Bar bill is the best I have ever had. The sandwich itself is huge a great portion size to have for lunch and dinner the next day. We also had the wings. We got them medium extra saucy extra crispy and they were perfection. Cant wait until Bar Bill opens so we can eat in the restaurant we love the atmosphere.

Mfchurko77 about 1 month ago

Chicken Fingers

We tried a lot tonight. Chic fingers , wings and fries. Bar bill will always be my fave for fingers they have the best sauce. Honey butter on my wings is also amazing. Bar bill staff has been great for take out throughout all this. Cannot wait to go back into the restaurant for my weekly visits!!!

Kborow22 about 1 month ago

Chicken Wings

Bar Bill Wings are the world's best, by a mile. Testing Buffalonians met far from home with the "Duffs or Anchor Bar?" should always have an answer of "Bar Bill." . Many of my favorite memories have been made over cajun-honey butter bbq wings, that are the most perfect balance of flavors. I have brought friends to visit from all over the country to eat them, and to partake in the intimate setting and lively atmosphere. Bar Bill Tavern is a staple of the town, serving staples of the city, and doing so in a way that is above and beyond the quality of wings you could possibly imagine. This is always my first stop when I come to town, or something brought to the airport by my parents to greet me! If you're visiting WNY and have time to do one thing, go to Bar Bill Tavern in East Aurora, because Niagara Falls is more fun from the Canada side anyways.

Jwslker about 1 month ago

Beef on Weck

Beef was super tender , awesome sandwich Curb side pick up was seamless and super easy

Wmost2000 about 2 months ago

Chicken Wings

good wings

Mombo529 about 2 months ago

Chicken Quesadillas

Delish -and the buffalo style was a nice flavor. For sure a value worth a revisit.

Frankgyang about 2 months ago

Chicken Wings

Hands down the best wings in WNY!!!

Catschaefer about 2 months ago

Chicken Wings

I grew up in Cheektowaga, and moved to VA after college. When I met my now husband he said he was a chicken wing expert, so only fitting that he married a girl from Buffalo. Once he had the honey butter barbecue wings, there was no turning back. We frequent Bar-Bill many times a year, because it is the best chicken wing you will ever eat. Large in size, crispy, good flavor, not too saucy, and very addicting. The roast beef on weck is a must, which is carved fresh to order. Bar-Bill tavern is a go-to for any local like my parents, but a must visit for anyone that travels from out of town. Hands down best wings in Buffalo!!!

Cmontano 2 days ago

Chicken Wings

The sauciness and crispiness at the same time πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Rick 5 days ago

Bar-Bill Chicken Wing Pizza

Wings are excellent

Rmgogdwin99 5 days ago


Bar none best bloody I have EVER had!

Tim490 5 days ago

Chicken Wings

Every bar and every take-away in WNY has wings, but wherever you reside it is well worth the ride to Bar Bills in East Aurora. As the old song says "Simply the best!' I regularly make the drive from near the Pa. line!

Mrsklindauer1 6 days ago

Beef on Weck

Amazing!!! Best I have ever had.

Cogs 6 days ago

Beef on Weck

The sandwich was packed full of delicious and mouth watering roast beef!! Absolutely delicious.

Meghan 8 days ago

Chicken Wings

Well, where do I start? You can't have a bad meal here. Not only the best, most flavorful wings you've ever had...they also have amazing roast beef served fresh and sliced at the time of order. The waffles fries are addicting. And they make the best blue cheese on top of all that.

Jmogardo 10 days ago

Chicken Wings

Everyone says, "Anchor Bar or Duff's?" I say neither. Ever since my now husband took me here (before we were married; he's from EA) I've been HOOKED. Every time we visit his family in EA, it is the first place we stop. And then always get some to go. I eat them cold. On the plane. They're THAT GOOD. And yes, I've tried the others: Duffs, AB, 911 tavern, Gabriel's Gate, etc. NONE even come close. The sauce, the crispy-ness, the surly bar service--it's an EXPERIENCE. And one that I cherish having twice a year. I've lived in alot of places, big cities, and smaller burbs. Bar Bill is a special place.

Yatez 19 days ago

Chicken Wings

Best wings ever

Eviedickinson724 22 days ago

Bar-Bill Chicken Wing Pizza

There is nothing better than the chicken wing pizza. It is to die for!!

Kelly about 1 month ago

Chicken Wings

I have been coming here for wings for 15 years or so. There is no other place to compare. They have the best wings and beef on weak than any other place in western New York. BarBill is the Best.

Schenkpam about 1 month ago

Chicken Wings

Most awesome wings-thanks for coming to Clarence!!!!!!!

Sharon about 1 month ago

Chicken Wings

Take out was right on time with what was emailed as the pickup time. Great wings as usual, first time for takeout, usually we eat in. But at these unusual times take out was the only option and we were craving wings. Can't wait for them reopening as the cravings have returned!

Mark about 1 month ago

Chicken Wings

Divine wings. I will never pass up a meal at Barbill for the rest of this quarantine.

Geenababer about 1 month ago

Beef on Weck

Super delicious! Ordered Beef on Weck and chicken fingers (cajun med); perfect takeout food on a Friday night.

Renee about 1 month ago

Chicken Wings

Barbill's crispy medium chicken wings were a work of art! The wings were individually painted with sauce and carefully tucked in the box in order: flats in one neat arrangement, drums in another. I can honestly say that was the most wings I ever consumed in one sitting! They were so good! We also purchased beef on wecks with au jus on the side. Kimmelweck rolls weren't soggy and the meat was super tender. Ordering online was easy and ready on time! I will be back again for this treat!

M about 2 months ago

Chicken Wings

Even though I grew up in Buffalo, I was never too keen about wings. They always seemed so bland to me. Well to make a long story short, at the behest of a friend I agreed to join him for the "supposed" best wings he ever had. Never thought I'd say having eaten a wing changed things for me, but I've come back nearly every week to get that same order: 10 wings, Medium, extra bleu-cheese. Bar-Bill has shown me what REAL wings are like, and if you have any doubts you need to try them for yourself. Maybe I'll see you around sometime!

Levcam about 2 months ago

Beef on Weck

One of the best Beef on Weck ever! huge sandwichI ! Tender and flavorful Thanks for coming North

Steven about 2 months ago

Beef on Weck

I'm from Virginia and I still live in Virginia. Make it up to buffalo and handful times each year. And I can honestly say this is my favorite restaurant. Period. The best beef on weck AND the best wings!!! In one place!!!!! The wings that I believe are the best, and I haven't moved away from are the honey butter bbq. It is the perfect bite. Crispy, juicy, big, well sauced. Perfect.

Dmb712 about 2 months ago

Chicken Wings

After a rough day we decided we needed some comfort food.. Beef on weck & chicken wings to go , Talk about happiness in a box !! always delicious, never disappointed. Thank you Bar Bill !!


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